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LGBT Movement Capacity

What is the state of LGBT organizations’ financial health? Are the resources of local LGBT community centers sufficient to support the programs that are needed to serve the people who depend on them? How are statewide organizations balancing their work among various movement priorities, such as legislation, public education, coalition work and electoral campaigns? Which key LGBT issues are these organizations focused on right now? How have the lingering effects of the recent economic downturn affected the finances and operations of national LGBT advocacy organizations?

MAP provides answers to these and other questions so that supporters of LGBT equality can have a better understanding of the overall strength, capacity and operations of the LGBT movement. MAP’s ongoing analysis of the movement’s capacity provides organizations and their funders and supporters with information they can use to set goals and strategy, apply resources more effectively, and measure the success of the movement’s work. MAP’s analysis also allows for deeper understanding of the capacity of specific segments within the movement—including national advocacy organizations, statewide groups, local community centers, and international advocacy organizations.


2015 National LGBT Movement Report

This report provides a comprehensive look at the revenue and expenses, fundraising and fundraising efficiency, and human resources across 37 of the largest LGBT social justice organizations, categorized as focusing on broad advocacy, issue-specific advocacy, legal advocacy, research and public education.

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2016 LGBT Community Center Survey Report

MAP’s biennial survey of LGBT community centers in the U.S., conducted in partnership with CenterLink, examines the centers’ operating hours, budgets, capacity, program expenses, community outreach, policy work, physical and mental health programs, and more.

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2016 LGBT Community Center Survey Report Infographics

These infographics from the 2016 LGBT Community Center Survey Report display key findings from the main report.

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Outlook on the LGBT Movement

This 2009 presentation assesses challenges and opportunities for the LGBT movement, examines barriers that impede support for LGBT equality by "moveable middle" Americans, and reviews recent progress in advancing political, legal and social equality for LGBT people in the U.S.

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LGBT Nonprofits and Their Funders in a Troubled Economy

Based on a 2009 survey of national, state and local LGBT organizations, as well as individual and institutional donors, this report provides a snapshot of how the economic downturn that began in 2008 affected LGBT movement organizations and their donors.

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International LGBT Advocacy Organizations and Their Programs

Work to promote LGBT equality around the globe has expanded rapidly over the past several years. This 2008 report provides advocates and funders with information on the growing number of international LGBT organizations, key players in the global LGBT equality movement, and more.

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State of the States Report

Compiled by the Equality Federation, this 2009 report analyzes LGBT statewide advocacy organizations’ staffing, board leadership, infrastructure, funding, capacity and policy priorities. Reports from 2006-2008, also available, were produced jointly by MAP and the Equality Federation.

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LGBTQ Grantmaking by U.S. Foundations

Produced annually since 2002 by Funders for LGBTQ Issues, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Grantmaking by U.S. Foundations compiles information on the top funders and their areas of philanthropic focus.

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